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Class UML 2.5::ExceptionHandler


An ExceptionHandler is an Element that specifies a handlerBody ExecutableNode to execute in case the specified exception occurs during the execution of the protected ExecutableNode.

Direct Superclasses: Element

Direct Subclasses:

Class Precedence List: ExceptionHandler, Element


exceptionInput : ObjectNode (1 1); -- source ExceptionHandler
exceptionType : Classifier (1 *); -- source ExceptionHandler
handlerBody : ExecutableNode (1 1); -- source ExceptionHandler
protectedNode : ExecutableNode (1 1); -- source ExceptionHandler

The ExecutableNode protected by the ExceptionHandler. If an exception propagates out of the protectedNode and has a type matching one of the exceptionTypes, then it is caught by this ExceptionHandler.
Subsets: Element.owner
Opposite: ExecutableNode.handler

ownedComment : Comment (0 *); -- source Element
ownedElement : Element (0 *); -- source Element
owner : Element (0 1); -- source Element


No additional constraints.


No additional operations.

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