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Class UML 2.3::LinkEndDestructionData


A link end destruction data is not an action. It is an element that identifies links. It identifies one end of a link to be destroyed by destroy link action.

Direct Superclasses: LinkEndData

Direct Subclasses:

Class Precedence List: LinkEndDestructionData, LinkEndData, Element


destroyAt : InputPin (0 1); -- source LinkEndDestructionData

Specifies the position of an existing link to be destroyed in ordered nonunique association ends. The type of the pin is UnlimitedNatural, but the value cannot be zero or unlimited.

isDestroyDuplicates : Boolean (1 1); -- source LinkEndDestructionData
end : Property (1 1); -- source LinkEndData
qualifier : QualifierValue (0 *); -- source LinkEndData
value : InputPin (0 1); -- source LinkEndData
ownedComment : Comment (0 *); -- source Element
ownedElement : Element (0 *); -- source Element
owner : Element (0 1); -- source Element


Signature: unlimited_natural_and_multiplicity() : Boolean;
Description: LinkEndDestructionData for ordered nonunique association ends must have a single destroyAt input pin if isDestroyDuplicates is false. It must be of type UnlimitedNatural and have a multiplicity of 1..1. Otherwise, the action has no input pin for the removal position.
Expression: true

Signature: destroy_link_action() : Boolean;
Description: LinkEndDestructionData can only be end data for DestroyLinkAction or one of its specializations.
Expression: true


No additional operations.

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