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Class UML 2.3::ConnectorEnd


A connector end is an endpoint of a connector, which attaches the connector to a connectable element. Each connector end is part of one connector.

Direct Superclasses: MultiplicityElement

Direct Subclasses:

Class Precedence List: ConnectorEnd, MultiplicityElement, Element


definingEnd : Property (0 1); -- source ConnectorEnd

A derived association referencing the corresponding association end on the association which types the connector owing this connector end. This association is derived by selecting the association end at the same place in the ordering of association ends as this connector end.
{readonly, derived}
The spec does not provide a function to compute this derived property!

partWithPort : Property (0 1); -- source ConnectorEnd
role : ConnectableElement (1 1); -- source ConnectorEnd
isOrdered : Boolean (1 1); -- source MultiplicityElement
isUnique : Boolean (1 1); -- source MultiplicityElement
lower : Integer (0 1); -- source MultiplicityElement
lowerValue : ValueSpecification (0 1); -- source MultiplicityElement
upper : UnlimitedNatural (0 1); -- source MultiplicityElement
upperValue : ValueSpecification (0 1); -- source MultiplicityElement
ownedComment : Comment (0 *); -- source Element
ownedElement : Element (0 *); -- source Element
owner : Element (0 1); -- source Element


Signature: self_part_with_port() : Boolean;
Description: The property held in self.partWithPort must not be a Port.
Expression: true

Signature: role_and_part_with_port() : Boolean;
Description: If a connector end references a partWithPort, then the role must be a port that is defined by the type of the partWithPort.
Expression: true

Signature: part_with_port_empty() : Boolean;
Description: If a connector end is attached to a port of the containing classifier, partWithPort will be empty.
Expression: true

Signature: multiplicity() : Boolean;
Description: The multiplicity of the connector end may not be more general than the multiplicity of the association typing the owning connector.
Expression: true


No additional operations.

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