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NIST XMI Validator Validation Criteria

The validator currently checks the following conformance criteria:

Additional notes about the Validator

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the Validator:

Model Diff

The Model Diff capability is used to compar an uploaded user model of a MIWG test case against a reference model of that test case. It reports where one of the two models has an element that the other does not, and where values of properties of elements differ.

Models Pre-loaded into the Validator

The models listed below are loaded into the Validator and can be referenced as a whole through the 'XML namespace URI' shown. Elements of the model can be referenced through the 'XMI href URI' shown.

CMOF 2.0 (cmof)

XML namespace URI:
XMI href URI:
Generated from infralib/10-08-15-cleanup.xmi (which is a metamodel specified in UML).
updated with OCL from uml23 only where appropriate. (I hope!)

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