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Class UML 2.4.1::ReadLinkObjectEndAction


A read link object end action is an action that retrieves an end object from a link object.

Direct Superclasses: Action

Direct Subclasses:

Class Precedence List: ReadLinkObjectEndAction, Action, ExecutableNode, ActivityNode, RedefinableElement, NamedElement, Element


end : Property (1 1); -- source ReadLinkObjectEndAction

Link end to be read.

object : InputPin (1 1); -- source ReadLinkObjectEndAction
result : OutputPin (1 1); -- source ReadLinkObjectEndAction
context : Classifier (0 1); -- source Action

The classifier that owns the behavior of which this action is a part.
{readonly, derived}
The spec does not provide a function to compute this derived property!

input : InputPin (0 *); -- source Action
isLocallyReentrant : Boolean (1 1); -- source Action
localPostcondition : Constraint (0 *); -- source Action
localPrecondition : Constraint (0 *); -- source Action

Constraint that must be satisfied when execution is started.
Subsets: Element.ownedElement

output : OutputPin (0 *); -- source Action
handler : ExceptionHandler (0 *); -- source ExecutableNode
activity : Activity (0 1); -- source ActivityNode
inGroup : ActivityGroup (0 *); -- source ActivityNode
inInterruptibleRegion : InterruptibleActivityRegion (0 *); -- source ActivityNode
inPartition : ActivityPartition (0 *); -- source ActivityNode
inStructuredNode : StructuredActivityNode (0 1); -- source ActivityNode
incoming : ActivityEdge (0 *); -- source ActivityNode

Edges that have the node as target.

outgoing : ActivityEdge (0 *); -- source ActivityNode
redefinedNode : ActivityNode (0 *); -- source ActivityNode
isLeaf : Boolean (1 1); -- source RedefinableElement

Indicates whether it is possible to further redefine a RedefinableElement. If the value is true, then it is not possible to further redefine the RedefinableElement. Note that this property is preserved through package merge operations; that is, the capability to redefine a RedefinableElement (i.e., isLeaf=false) must be preserved in the resulting RedefinableElement of a package merge operation where a RedefinableElement with isLeaf=false is merged with a matching RedefinableElement with isLeaf=true: the resulting RedefinableElement will have isLeaf=false. Default value is false.
Default value: FALSE

redefinedElement : RedefinableElement (0 *); -- source RedefinableElement
redefinitionContext : Classifier (0 *); -- source RedefinableElement
clientDependency : Dependency (0 *); -- source NamedElement
name : String (0 1); -- source NamedElement
nameExpression : StringExpression (0 1); -- source NamedElement

The string expression used to define the name of this named element.
Subsets: Element.ownedElement

namespace : Namespace (0 1); -- source NamedElement
qualifiedName : String (0 1); -- source NamedElement

A name which allows the NamedElement to be identified within a hierarchy of nested Namespaces. It is constructed from the names of the containing namespaces starting at the root of the hierarchy and ending with the name of the NamedElement itself.
{readonly, derived}

visibility : VisibilityKind (0 1); -- source NamedElement
ownedComment : Comment (0 *); -- source Element
ownedElement : Element (0 *); -- source Element
owner : Element (0 1); -- source Element


Signature: type_of_result() : Boolean;
Description: The type of the result output pin is the same as the type of the association end.
Expression: self.result.type = self.end.type

Signature: type_of_object() : Boolean;
Description: The type of the object input pin is the association class that owns the association end.
Expression: self.object.type = self.end.association

Signature: property() : Boolean;
Description: The property must be an association end.
Expression: self.end.association.notEmpty()

Signature: multiplicity_of_result() : Boolean;
Description: The multiplicity of the result output pin is 1..1.
The OCL used here is not normative.
Editor's notes: No multiplicity

Signature: multiplicity_of_object() : Boolean;
Description: The multiplicity of the object input pin is 1..1.
The OCL used here is not normative.
Editor's notes: No multiplicity

Signature: ends_of_association() : Boolean;
Description: The ends of the association must not be static.
The OCL used here is not normative.
Editor's notes: forAll not forall
Expression: self.end.association.memberEnd->forAll(e | not e.isStatic)
Original: self.end.association.memberEnd->forall(e | not e.isStatic)

Signature: association_of_association() : Boolean;
Description: The association of the association end must be an association class.
The OCL used here is not normative.
Editor's notes: association not Association.
Expression: self.end.association.oclIsKindOf(AssociationClass)
Original: self.end.Association.oclIsKindOf(AssociationClass)


No additional operations.

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